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Little Victories

Posted in Basenjis, naps, squirrels on March 7, 2008 by jezandia

The next step has been taken.  I’ve sucessfully made the jump from the written word to video.  Just one more way to get the message out there.  Its subtle folks.  You have to read between the lines.


Ancient Enemies

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squirrel-tile.jpg Dogs and Squirrels. It doesn’t get much more basic then that. Enemies since the dawn of time. They laugh at me. I know they do. Taunting me from the branches. Some day they will pay.  But in the meantime I bide my time.

And research:

The squirrel’s common name can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, where Aristotle used the word “skiouros,” skia meaning shade, while “oura” means tail. Thus the meaning “he who sits in the shadow of his tail”.   Give me half a chance and I make him “he who sits in my stomach”!

There are over 365 species of squirrel’s or squirrel like mammals through out the world.  “Gaaak!”

Squirrels are the most active in late winter,  when the mating season begins.    The males will chase a females, as well as, chase off other suitors. This ritual of chasing, occurs through the trees at top speed.  Geesh!  Couldn’t they get a room?

A squirrel’s brain is about the size of a walnut.  I could have told them that! 

Squirrels communicate through a series of chirps. The frequency,  and the duration of the notes communicate everything from laughter to alarm.  See I told you they were laughing! 

The gray squirrel has been known to build a nest in many unusual places, in an attic or a crawl space seems to be the most common. Squirrels have also built nests in automobiles, chimney’s, barbecue grills and under porches.  Or Archaeological storerooms.

I tell my Human, just give me 5 minutes alone with that *#$%* critter!