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Posted in Basenjis, BRAT, Puppy, rescue on April 11, 2008 by jezandia

Well thank doG that’s done and over with.  My “Guest” is gone. 

Someone needed to teach that boy some manners.  Obviously his Mama didn’t.  I tried.  Lord knows I tried.  But he just wouldn’t accept that I knew more than he did.  But my Human tells me that all Boys are that way. 

He was a cute little poop.  But I think he knew it and tried to skate by on his good looks.  But my Human tells me all Boys are that way.

So it back to just us Girls.  Yesterday was the first warm day in ages.  Human was out doing “yard work”.  Me?   I was just bakin’ biscuits in the sun.

World Domination can wait a day or two….